• automatic sliding door

 This door automatically open for you as you approach it, and closes automatically after you.motion-sensed activated doors.

Powerful Intelligent Self Opening and Closing function on Motion Sensor. Automatic Sliding Door Operator Clickers ICT Ltd.’s Sliding door series are adaptable to different installation requirements. It’s designed for heavy traffic situations both for heavy pedestrian volume places (Super Markets, Hotels, Airports, Hospitals, etc) and medium-sized users (Offices, Restaurants etc). Key System Features: * Unique drive design, controls excellently running speed, force, time, and distance * Precise performance thanks to the unique high quality encoder * Stable procedure guarantee, pulling or pushing the door will not cause software scramble * Self-lock motor on night duty, controlled by remote * Lock against unauthorized people's operation * Normal open, normal close, half open, automatic operation, 4 options available by remote * Superior safety protection function, re-open against obstruction on door closing, and stop encountering obstacles on door opening * Excellent memory function, the door will approach slowly to the location where the obstacle exist last time * Flexible application for both single leaf door and dual leaf doors * Easy installation, absolutely time saving solutions * Impressive durability, passed 2 million cycles test

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automatic sliding door

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